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Helpful products during a viral outbreak.
Layer products for best results.

The entry points for airborne droplets are the mouth, eyes, nose.

Mouth/Throat Hydrosol Spray: Oregano is the most potent antiviral, but is quite strong tasting so I've combined it with two more antiviral hydrosols with more palatable tastes, Peppermint & Melissa.
To use: Spray or swish in mouth, spit out or swallow. This makes a great every day mouthwash also.

Myrtle Hydrosol has antiviral properties, spritz directly into eyes before and after exposure to outside. This is very popular as a Dry Eye treatment also.

By protecting the nose with Eucalyptus Chest Rub ointment, it will help prevent contagious germs passing the nasal area. Use saline spray, blow the nose, then use a Q-tip to apply the ointment inside the nose before going out. Use saline spray after exposure to outside, blow your nose, saline spray again, blow again. This ointment contains camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus, wintergreen in a powerful yet gentle percentage.

Antiviral hydrosol spray use as a hand sanitizer and can also be spritzed in the environment.
This blend contains powerful antivirals: thyme, oregano, ravintsara, melissa, frankincense, tea tree, eucalyptus.

Inhaler: Immune Boost 10.00
Inhaler: Antiviral 10.00
Immune Boost therapeutic roller 15.50; large 30.00
Antiviral therapeutic roller, 15.00
Synergy: Immune Boost 17.00; 1 oz. 33.00 (diffuser)
Synergy Antiviral - 19.00 (diffuser)
Synergy Breath Easy - 14.00 (diffuser)
Soap Antibacterial, 8.00 (This creamy soap is excellent and will also moisturize your hands.)
Hydrosol Throat Spray, 4 oz. 25.00
Myrtle hydrosol spray 2 oz. 13.00; 4 oz. 23.00 (for the eyes)
Antiviral hydrosol spray, 4 oz 25.00 (hands & environment)
Eucalyptus Chest Rub 2 oz. 10.75; 4 oz. 20.50 (nasal entry, congestion)
Hydrosols are HERE.
Ointments are HERE.
Therapeutic rollers HERE.
Inhalers are HERE.
Soaps HERE.

These products are helpful for PREVENTION; if you become sick, you will want Cough Remedy, Respiratory Blend, Sinusitis, Breathe Easy, and other products to support the symptoms.