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I REALLY like your shampoo bars (Goldilocks and Mother Earth); they are some of the best I've used!  The Mother Earth shampoo bar makes my hair so nice, and the scent is lovely, I just love it!

Thank you, Susan (Decatur, GA)


Picture of Anna with her dogI have long (to my waist), naturally wavy hair, and I have struggled with dryness and flyaways for years. I have found that washing no more than once a week and even only every 2 weeks in dry cold weather with a rich shampoo bar like Mother Earth (mmm, patchouli) helps. I also don't comb or brush it when wet but simply tie it back gently with a big barrette until it dries naturally (takes a day or two for mine, lol) and then work a big comb and then a paddle brush through it gently once it's dry. Wet hair is more delicate so brushing or combing while it's wet can really tear it up.

But what really repaired my hair, and gave me back the lovely shiny silky stuff I had when I was little is Simone's Herbal Conditioner (and I need to order more!!!). I used that every time I shampooed for a while and now just do it every couple of months or so for maintenance. I mostly just use it on my ends, but every now and then I do my whole head with it and then wrap a hot towel around my head for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing with cold water and THEN, I have the hair of a god for many days afterwards. It's all I can do to keep my hands out of it (which, as you may know, can make frizzies and split ends worse).

Here is a pic of my ponytail hanging over my shoulder. It's tied high up on the back of my head and still hangs down that far. (The beautiful dark eyed redhead is my dog Eve.)
  -- Anna - Greenwood, SC


I wanted to let you know that the Flutterbye shampoo bars (I alternate between the Mother Earth and the Goldilocks), the natural Conditioner, and especially the Hair Oil have been a godsend to my frizzy, dry, over-processed hair.  I never would have believed the difference in using your natural products; but I will never go back to the overpriced salon products with ingredients that I can't pronounce and that I now understand are damaging to my hair and my health.  Thanks a million! -- Mindy, Washington



Oh Simone....my hair has never looked better. Used my new products today, Stan used them too and we love them!     


But I have been loving my full bouncy hair! My hair is down to my shoulders and I always end up getting it cut because it becomes stringy without a perm...but  not now!  It is so great...I can't thank you enough...the herbal shampoo bar is the best thing to ever happen to my hair!

Thanks so much....Mary in Olathe, Kansas


The Herbal Garden shampoo and the herbal conditioner has completely REPAIRED my hair.  I have NO dryness or flyaways anymore and only continue to have minor breakage because of the way I wear it pinned up most of the time.  My hair hasn't looked this good since I was a little kid.  Even some of the GUYS I work with have noticed, and you know how oblivious even the men close to you are most of the time.

To give you some idea of what Simone's products have accomplished, I have curly hair that reaches to my waist.  Long hair and curly hair both tend towards dryness anyway and I have a double whammy.  I bathe dogs daily so it is constantly being bombarded with soapy water when the dogs shake.  I spend a lot of time in the sun and this time of year a lot of time in swimming pools and lakes and oceans and I only trim it about once or twice a year, an inch or so at a time.

Yea Simone, you've done it again! - Anna in South Carolina


This is the first time I ordered soap from Simone and the VERY first time I ever used soap as a shower and shampoo bar.  that a wonderful experience -- all you really need in a small, neat package!   And, the lather!  Wow, I had suds every where but, when I rinsed out my hair, it was squeaky clean, with no filmy residue.  - Judy in North Carolina