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Well Simone I am loving this cleanser. First, it smells unbelievably wonderful. I really love the low sudsing...I like that it has some suds but just some, not tons. It feels wonderful on the skin, and my skin felt really really soft and smooth and also very clean when I was finished. I think this product is a huge hit.


I'm loving the new Honey Rose Cleanser, of course I had no doubt that I would since I love all your products. It feels good on the skin and it feels good afterwards. I've been using it for several weeks now and don't want to be without it, I look forward to washing my face now!! Thank you very much for asking me to be a tester with my sensitive skin.

Hello, I'm reporting in :) I am in love with your new product, Honey Rose Cleanser. I love the scent and I really like the way it feels, so creamy and soft, and my skin has responded to it beautifully. Thank you again, I really really love all your skin care products and feel so good about using them. And my skin looks great!!

I am a loyal "Honey Cleanser" person, but if the "Honey Rose" is available, I will be switching to that! I would also like to tell you that I was having a bit of a rosacea outbreak (before I used the cleanser, this has been going on for awhile) and I think the "Honey Rose" DEFINITELY helps the rosacea more than the plain honey did.
Thanks for letting me be a "tester"!

Dear Simone -- May I test any more of your products? :)) I love this! Yes, I love the HONEY ROSE CLEANSER, it's perfect for me. I love the ingredient list, it's amazing and just what I have been looking for. I've read about all the benefits of these natural ingredients and want to tell you how relieved I am to have found you and your products. My very very favorite remains the Facial Oil for Normal skin, that has made such a difference in the way I approach my skin care routine, I actually look forward to it now, morning and night. I never want to use anything synthetic again, and I don't know what I would do if I ran out of your Rose Hydrosol. Thank you for making these, I am a devoted customer!!


I Love the Honey Rose Cleanser. Leaves my skin soft and smooth without drying. I have very sensitive skin and my skin is loving it. I like the soft hint of rose. As you know, I'm not a rose fan but this doesn't offend me like most rose scents do. Very nice Job!