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Diffusers are used for inhalation therapy, room scenting,
mood setting, air cleaning and sanitizing, treating
bronchial and asthma problems...

Use either a diffuser blend or individual
essential oils in these diffusers and the nebulizing diffusers

Diffusers work with as little as 10 drops of oil.



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Plugs into any standard cigarette lighter socket.

This really keeps me going!

Cartridge Refills
$5.50 - Pkg of 10 ~  


A nebulizer is the glass apparatus that atomizes the essential oil liquid into micro-particle aromatic droplets for dispersion into the ambient environment or for direct inhalation therapy into the lungs. The dispersion of essential oil is accomplished via vacuum pressure inside the glass chamber which pulls the liquid into a thin capillary column inside the glass chamber that then disperses the liquid into a very fine aerosol mist that then is emitted from the top tip of the glass chamber. Essential oil aerosol mist cannot damage the indoor environment or the surfaces of the indoor environment such as furniture. In almost every case this type of use is completely safe for the health of the individual as long as toxic oils are not used. Always make sure you fully understand the safety of an essential oil before using it in a nebulizer diffuser for any purpose.

Before now we were concerned only with the more efficient and therapeutically superior diffusion that is furnished with the "hummingbird" glass nebulizer. Now we offer two types of nebulizer glasses because most consumers do not use nebulizer diffusers for direct therapy, but for "fragrancing" and inhalation of the indoor environment. The new "Top-Load" glass nebulizer offers the consumer greater convenience in set-up, maintenance and use of a nebulizer diffuser. First, set-up is easier because there are no corks to deal. Secondly, filling and re-filling essential oil into the glass chamber is more convenient because the oil is poured directly into the glass from the completely removable yet multi-directional top "hatch" and the inner glass chamber is greater in volume and thus can hold more oil, up to 20 ml.

The superior type glass for therapeutic application is the one which is curved (the  "hummingbird" design as seen on some of our models) with dimpled baffles in the upper curvature of the glass. If you ever want to use a nebulizer diffuser for inhalation therapy, such as for respiratory treatments (asthma, bronchitis, etc.), then this is the one you will want to use to gain the most benefit from the attributes of the oil. The "hummingbird" glass nebulizer holds up to 10 ml. However, most consumers use nebulizer diffusers for simple aromatic fragrancing of the indoor environment; therefore the importance of the size of the micro-particle droplets is not as important as for inhalation therapy and consumer convenience becomes paramount. Keep in mind that a superior therapeutic and greater economic diffusion is created when there is no observable mist coming from the glass. The more mist you see, the more waste there is and the less therapeutic efficacy available to the user. To see mist coming from the glass is not preferable because it means that not only is oil being wasted, but it is not advantageous for absorption into the arterioles of the lungs. Also, observable mist that is almost "smoke-like" in nature causes the mist in the indoor air space to gather in "clouds" (effluvium) of essential oil particles that "float" inside the room. While this is not unsafe, the excess effluvium could cause possible sensitization and irritation to a much greater degree than when there is no "smokey mist" emanating from the glass chamber. It is also a terrible waste of essential oil.

If you are looking for the very best quality diffuser, then you have found it here.

This is my most efficient and effective diffuser and is my personal choice for household or office use.

Simply the finest in glass nebulizing diffusers.  Diffuses aroma on a refreshing current of air as it passes through an intricately engineered hand blown glass chamber.  Nebulization ionizes and naturally suspends very fine oil molecules in the air, making the essential oil more bioavailable.  No heat is used.  On/off switch can be easily added to all units.


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The Tranquility model covers a small area, about 400 to 500 square feet, so it works best in a bedroom or office size area.  The operation is quiet, but does have the sound of a small motor, such as you hear with an aquarium pump.

For best results, attach a timer to it for automatic use of 10 to 15 minutes every two hours.

Tear drop shaped blue-grey pump with hummingbird glass chamber.

4.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"