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All-Purpose Bathroom


5 drops niaouli EO
3 drops pine EO
3 drops lavender EO
3 drops peppermint EO
1 tsp. liquid castile soap
1 tsp. vinegar
1/2 tsp. baking soda
2 oz. oregano hydrosol (or lemon myrtle)
8 oz. warm water

Add EOs to liquid soap & vinegar, blend, then add other ingredients.

Use in spray bottle or a pour bottle


Aromatic Hair Rinse


A hair rinse made of vinegar and essential oils leaves the hair shiny and soft and rinses out any shampoo left on the hair.

3-5 drops essential oils (Lavender and Rosemary are excellent)

1 pint water or herbal tea
1 Tablespoon vinegar (ACV is good to use)

Shake well, pour over scalp and hair after shampooing.  Leave on several minutes and then rinse.  The vinegar smell will dissipate.

Use as often as desired or every now and then


Cold & Flu Blend


8 drops eucalyptus globulus EO
4 drops tea tree EO
3 drops lavender or lavendin EO
30 ml carrier oil (FR Coconut, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, etc.)

Add the EO blend to the carrier oil(s) in an amber glass bottle, cap securely and label.  Store away from heat and light.

This is a 2% dilution blend.

Apply to the neck, chest, back, wrists and soles of the feet.  Use 6-8 drops in a bath after the tub has filled.

You may also use the essential oil blend without the carrier oil inhaled on a tissue, in a diffuser, or in steam inhalation.

(Only use essential oils in diffusers, never use carrier oils)


Cutting Board Disinfectant


Blend 2 tbsp. salt with 2 tbsp. baking soda

Add just enough water to form a paste

Thoroughly mix in 2 drops of thyme essential oil

Rub all of the mixture into your board and let sit for about one hour

Rinse the board well with warm water before using

Repeat the process when necessary


Cuts and Abrasions


Wash the wound with Witch Hazel Hydrosol or Antibacterial soap, then apply a few drops of pure tea tree EO or tea tree EO diluted in a carrier oil as mentioned earlier.

If you pull off a hangnail, you can avoid the usually inevitable localized infection by immediately dabbing the site with a few drops of tea tree oil.


Disinfectant Deodorizing Wipes
for the bathroom


Use strong paper towels (Bounty).  Tear paper towels from their roll, fold or cut in half, place in a baby wipes tub or Tupperware container).  Slowly pour All-Purpose Bathroom Cleanser solution over the paper towels; they will absorb the liquid and compact down.

Seal tightly and label

Disinfectant Spray


Dash of Liquid Castile Soap or natural dish soap
2 tbsp. vodka


5 ml lavender
5 ml niaouli
5 ml lemon myrtle (backhousia citriadora)
3 ml oregano
32 oz. Distilled water

Add the EOs to the vodka, stir very well
add the dash of soap, then add the water.
Mix well and pour into spray bottles.

 (1 tsp. = 5 ml)

Germ Free Carpet Spray


2 ml. lemon EO
2 ml. grapefruit EO
1 ml. tea tree EO

add EO blend to a small amount of vodka or alcohol

add to 16 oz. distilled water in a spray bottle. 

Vacuum and then spray onto the carpet. 

This is great to keep a clean floor for the babies and children!
(1 ml = approximately 20 drops) 


Hair & Scalp Tonic


10 drops juniper
8 drops rosemary
7 drops cedarwood
50 ml olive oil

massage into hair & scalp, wrap in warm towel & leave 2 hours, then shampoo.


Natural Hand or Baby Wipes  

20-24 squares of strong paper towels -- I like to use either Viva, Bounty, or the Kleenex Dinner Napkins.
1 cup Witch Hazel hydrosol (or non-alcohol witch hazel)
1-2 teaspoon Glycerin (or aloe)
2-3 drops lavender essential oil
(1 drop niaouli essential oil for anti-bacterial wipes)

Separate and stack each of the paper towel squares from the roll; cut each square in half.

Place the rectangles in front of you vertically.  Fold each rectangle into thirds as if you were folding a business letter.

Now fold each in half as if you were closing a book.

(You can also cut the paper towel roll in half, remove the cardboard, soak in the tall tupperware, and use that way)


Calendula infused oil (sweet almond, sunflower) soothes skin and reduces inflammation -- definitely use if there is a rash.  Replace 1/4 cup of the witch hazel hydrosol.

Aloe:  If you don't have glycerin, add aloe vera.  Healing and relieves burn and rash.

Niaouli EO:  Helps to prevent or treat yeast infections.  Very effective fungicide, antibacterial and antiseptic.

St. John's Wort Oil:  Helps promote healing and has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.  Add a few tbsp. to liquid portion when desired.


Pumpkin Facial Mask

Take it a step further and make your own weekly Pumpkin Facial Mask

2 tsp. pumpkin (canned is fine)
1/2 tsp honey
1/2 tsp milk
2 drops cinnamon EO

Blend, apply, leave for 15 minutes, rinse, tone with your favorite hydrosol and moisturize

Sore Gums and Plaque

Mix three to five drops of tea tree EO in a cup of water and use as a mouthwash twice daily.  Do not swallow it!

The mouthwash can also help toothache, bad breath, gingivitis, and canker sores.

Australian dental patients are often advised to apply tea tree oil to infected teeth a few days before dental work to prevent postoperative infections.


Sunburn Treatment

(Tea tree is especially effective when blended with lavender)

8 drops lavender essential oil
4 drops tee tree essential oil
4 oz. cool, distilled water

Place mixture in spray bottle and mist sunburned areas whenever cooling relief is needed.