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 ORDERING ~ The Flutterbye secure Pay Pal Shopping Cart is easy, fast, and convenient, and it is the only payment method I accept at this time.  . The cart helps me with my bookkeeping.  Please use it. 

During the last 8 years of operating a successful web-business, we have had over 900 customers use the Pay Pal payment system.  I am 100% confident of its complete security, privacy and safety and recommend it over any other payment system.

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PayPal Customer Service by telephone at 1-402-935-7733.
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ORDERS ~ I usually ship within 2 business days, excluding weekends and holidays. Often an order will go out on the same day it's placed, but during unusually peak times it may take up to a week or longer.  There's no way to predict the volume of orders, so please be patient with me.  

BACKORDERS ~ We try our best to keep the website updated, but occasionally I run out of a product before Karen can post the 'temporarily out of stock' sign.  You will be notified if any product on your order is out of stock and you will then have the option to either wait for re-stock or accept a refund.  

SHIPPING ~ to the US only by USPS Priority Mail or UPS.  I receive all orders from PAY PAL.  When you place your order, you are taken to the Pay Pal website for processing.  The address you have on file in your account with Pay Pal is the address that will be sent to me with your order and address to which your order will be sent. **Please carefully review the shipping details (including your address) before finalizing your order.**  If there is an incorrect address listed, please make the correction before finalizing the order so that your order is not shipped to the wrong address.  It is your responsibility to make sure Pay Pal has the correct address for shipping.  When I have your order ready to ship, I return to Pay Pal to request the shipping label ... that shipping label will be generated from the information you provided when you placed the order.

Established customers may send a gift order to a different address by emailing me with the details.

Priority Mail usually takes 2-3 business days excluding weekends and holidays. UPS can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days.  At times (holidays or unusual circumstances), both UPS and the USPS can take as long as 10 days to deliver, but this is not common.  If your order requires an additional shipping charge, you will be notified prior to shipment.  Some diffusers require additional postage, as well as bulk items.

In lieu of a $20 minimum order, all orders begin with a shipping charge of $5.95 and increase according to the size of the order.  For example, one little mini soap bar will cost $5.95 to ship, but several full bars will also ship for $5.95.  Additional items increase the shipping slightly, according to the zone and rate chart provided by USPS.

PAYMENTS ~ All credit cards through Pay Pal.  With Pay Pal you can also use check payment or your Pay Pal cash balance.  Be aware that if you pay by check through Pay Pal there is a delay while Pay Pal waits for the check to clear.  Once it has cleared, Pay Pal then sends notice to me that the payment has been received and the order is released for shipment.  Until that notice is sent, I do not have access to your shipping address, so please do not expect me to ship before clearance is given.

DECLINED CARDS and UNCONFIRMED ADDRESSES ~ Pay Pal requires a CONFIRMED address, so please, if you do not have a confirmed address, contact Pay Pal to make the necessary arrangements.  The shipping address must match the credit card billing address.  If there is a problem getting this done, please contact me by email.     

QUALITY ~ I started my business in my late 40s.  I had already 'been there, done that' in the world of cosmetics and designer label skin care.  Didn't do a thing for me and often damaged my skin, and certainly damaged my pocketbook.  So when I decided to put my name out there in the form of skin care, I wanted only one thing:  the best ingredients to make natural, skin loving, good-for-you products that my customers would be proud to use with complete confidence.   I will never make a product with fake fragrance, chemicals, artificial colors, synthetic ingredients, useless fillers, or expensive packaging.  Be assured that I continue to search for the best ingredients, the newest discoveries (which happen often), and am constantly 'tweaking' my formulas, always working for improvement.

PRODUCTS & SHELF LIFE ~ Because I use natural ingredients with the least amount of processing, the texture, feel, and appearance of the products may vary from time to time.  You may even find a bit of herb included which is just further proof that these products are handmade. :)  The shelf life of most of the products is somewhere around 6 - 12 months. Refrigeration will extend this shelf life. If you purchase several bottles of the same product, please use one and store the extras in the refrigerator.   Avoid storing the products in direct sunlight, heat, or in damp areas, and keep the lids tightly closed.    It may be a little more trouble to store your Flutterbye All Natural products, but remember that you're using a product that is made *without* a long list of chemical preservatives that (ultimately damage your skin and health) enable that bottle of lotion on the department store shelf to sit there for 4 or 5 years until someone buys it.  

GIFT ORDERS ~  Only *established* customers may place an order to be shipped to an alternate address as a gift.

SPECIALS ~ I calculate my prices as reasonably and competitively as possible.  I *want* my customers to experience the goodness of REAL All Natural products at a fair price.  So it's rare that I will be able to reduce the price, but occasionally I come across a bulk special from one of my vendors which enables me to make a product at a lower price.  When that happens, I send a notice through the Newsletter list.

GIFT CERTIFICATES ~ are available in varying denominations on the GIFT page.  To redeem a GC, please email me.  

NEWSLETTER ~ sign up for my Newsletter to receive product usage information, news of specials, new products, natural methods, and skin care information.  Use the Yahoo button on the front page of the website to subscribe.  

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ~  Customer satisfaction is very important to us.  If you have a problem with a Flutterbye product, please contact me and we will work it out to your satisfaction.   If you have been using commercially made products and are trying my 100% natural products for the first time, please be aware that they may be more potent than you realize and your skin may go through an adjustment period.  Please be patient, it doesn't always happen, but be aware of the possibility.  You may experience a detox period when you stop commercial products.  Please contact me if you have any concerns. I make travel or sample sizes of most products -- if you have sensitive skin it would be best to start with a small size.

HOW TO CONTACT ME ~  I rarely have time to answer the telephone, but I do have an answering machine if you'd like to leave a message.  I prefer to be contacted by email since I'm usually always in my office/lab and my computer stays on.  I check my email several times during the day and try to reply as soon as possible.  Just know that if you haven't had a reply from me after several days, I am probably swamped with orders and working hard to get them out.  If you'd like, you may resend the message, a reminder never hurts, and it's always possible that I may not have received the original message.  Maybe my server has been down, or your message got lost in cyber-space, or .... who knows?  Just give me the benefit of the doubt and re-send it.  

ADVERTISING ~ Due to the generous nature of my Flutterbye customers spreading the word about my products, there has never been a need to advertise.  As a matter of fact, there are some days that I feel like I'm shooting that commercial where the small business starts out with a few orders and then all of a sudden there are so many orders flying in that they can't keep up!  Indeed, there are days when I barely have time to process the orders, but it all works out (phew!) eventually and I manage to get the orders out in a timely manner.   If, however, you have not heard from me after 2 weeks, please contact me by email to check on the status of your order.  If after receiving your order, you are pleased with the products and the results, please tell your friends.  If you are unhappy in any way, please tell me.  

CATALOG ~  I no longer have time to produce catalogs, everything is on the website. Please feel free to print out what you need for your own personal use.  I do send a detailed instructional 'hand out' with many of the products, especially those in tiny bottles that don't leave much room for a label.

PRIVACY POLICY ~ Flutterbye does NOT rent, share, sell, exchange or in any way divulge your personal  information to any one at any time for any reason.   

PRICES ~ are subject to change without notice due to the nature of the business.  Essential oil and herb prices, in particular, go up and down frequently.

WHOLESALE, PRIVATE LABEL, AFFILIATES ~ Flutterbye does not wholesale, private label, participate in affiliates, discount, or stock products in retail outlets at this time.  We do supply products to several high schools and colleges on a seasonal basis (emu oil and Muscle Ease body/massage oil on a large scale) and several of my facial care products are being used in spas.  My Pooch products may soon be available in a few select Doggy Spas, if I ever get enough time to complete production!  But beyond that, I choose to spend my time caring for my individual customers. 

DISCLAIMER ~ the statements made herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician. We strongly recommend that you do not use any of our products during pregnancy, while nursing, or if you have a serious illness or disease until you gain the complete approval from your attending physician.

RETURN POLICY ~ If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please let me know so we can find a solution.  Due to the nature of these products, returns are not accepted unless a product is defective.  Do not return a product without prior authorization.  If you are unhappy with a product, please let me know and I will do my best to correct the situation.