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Synergies for Diffuser, Bath and Other Uses

Diffuser blends are a Flutterbye specialty. These blends are a result of research, planning, and testing.  They are to be used as is in a diffuser, inhaler, oil burner, or other appropriate method; if using topically on your skin, you'll need to dilute the oil with an appropriate carrier oil.  Advice available for making selections and choosing carrier oils.  Ingredients listed on bottles and also available through email.

Any  of these blends would be nice added to a  hot bath J, used in a compress, or with the steam inhalation method…do NOT use these blends on the skin unless diluted properly with an appropriate carrier oil. 

(See EO blends page for body/massage oil blends.)

(Bulk pricing is available; if not listed, please inquire)


15 ml each (1/2 oz.)

I got the order from you yesterday!  Absolutely wonderful things :-)  I *love* the Electric Diffuser!!!  We ran it last night with the Relax and Soothe diffuser blend.  Wonderful!!!!  I am quite impressed with your products and it was truly a pleasure ordering from you. - Debbie in Florida

From Karen in Virginia Simone ... I totally swear by your Cold & Flu blend!!  I started getting a cold last week and ran it every night.  It really cleared up the congestion and my cold was gone in no time.  Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Karen in Virginia

ALLERGY $16.00  Add to Cart 
1 oz. - $29.00  Add to Cart 
2 oz. - $56.00  Add to Cart 
ANTI-DEPRESSION -- great for menopause $13.00 Add to Cart 
ANTIVIRAL (Sars formula -- imp for flu season) $19.00 Add to Cart 

Read more about Arthritis
$17.00  Add to Cart

Use in Diffuser
Add to Bath Daily

Read more about Blood Pressure
$18.00  Add to Cart
BRAIN POWER -- creative energy  $15.00  Add to Cart
BREATHE EASY -- bronchitis/asthma $14.00  Add to Cart
CALMING & ANTI-ANXIETY $15.00  Add to Cart
CIRCULATION $18.00  Add to Cart
CITRUS & MINT -- wonderful room refresher -- most popular blend $13.00  Add to Cart
COLD & FLU $13.00  Add to Cart
1 oz. - $24.00  Add to Cart
2 oz. - $42.00  Add to Cart
ENERGY -- good office blend $14.00  Add to Cart
FIBROMYALGIA/CFS $15.00  Add to Cart
FRESH AIR -- good for  pets or smokers $14.00  Add to Cart
INSECT $15.00  Add to Cart
HEADACHE & MIGRAINE $14.00  Add to Cart
See also Hydrosol Blends
$16.00  Add to Cart
1oz. ~ $29.00  Add to Cart
IMMUNE BOOST BLEND $17.00  Add to Cart
1 oz. ~ $33.00  Add to Cart
2 oz. ~ $62.00  Add to Cart
KID’S BLEND --uplifting, calming  $15.00  Add to Cart
LAVENDER LANE -- relaxing  $14.00  Add to Cart
MOTHER EARTH $16.00  Add to Cart
MUSCLE EASE $15.00  Add to Cart
NAUSEA $14.00  Add to Cart
NEROLI BLEND $17.00  Add to Cart
NEW MOTHER -- post partum $14.00  Add to Cart
ORANGE PATCHOULI $15.00  Add to Cart
PMS $13.00  Add to Cart
RAIN FOREST $14.00  Add to Cart
RELAX & SOOTHE $15.00  Add to Cart
RESPIRATORY $14.00  Add to Cart
ROMANCE $15.00  Add to Cart
ROSE GARDEN $17.00  Add to Cart
SINUSITIS -- also use for inhalation $14.00  Add to Cart
SPICE $14.00  Add to Cart
STRESS BUSTER $15.00  Add to Cart
SLEEP $16.00  Add to Cart
$21.00  Add to Cart
1 oz. ~ $37.00  Add to Cart
2 oz. ~  $64.00  Add to Cart
THIEVES -- Effective germ/virus fighter, air sanitizer

About Thieves blend and suggestions for use
$12.00  Add to Cart
TRAVEL -- keeps you focused and alert;  stimulating $14.00  Add to Cart
WINTER WELLNESS -- an antiviral, antibacterial blend of special oils   $17.00  Add to Cart
1 oz. - $32.00  Add to Cart
2 oz. - $62.00  Add to Cart
WOMEN ONLY $19.00  Add to Cart
WOODSTOCK $16.00  Add to Cart