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A relaxing bath will balance your mind, body and soul!

Bath Bombs
Dead Sea Bath Salts
Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub
Essential Oil Bath Blends
Foot Relief Soak
Coconut Sugar Body Scrub
Odor-Bye Deodorant 



Q.: Why do I need to use a BODY SCRUB??

: In a nutshell, it's important to use a body scrub to maintain
healthy, smooth skin. Just like the skin cells on the face, the cells on the body also regularly shed to reveal new, healthier skin underneath. That turnover process slows as we age and requires a little help through exfoliation.

Please don't use the body scrub on your face which is much more delicate than your body. Body scrubs are made with larger sized granules than facial scrubs. We have wonderful facial exfoliating products for you here.

Q.: How does a body scrub work?

: A body scrub works in a few ways: As you massage it over your body, the exfoliating granules help to slough off dead skin; the rubbing action itself boosts circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface. Plus, after all that deep cleansing work with your body scrub, your after bath/shower moisturizer will be better absorbed to further soothe and hydrate your skin. Another important benefit of using a body scrub is how good it can feel. Being mindful of the refreshing texture against your skin and captivating scent that fills the shower allows you to enjoy the treatment as it’s happening—an experience that can lift your mood and affect your outlook as you continue your day or evening. 

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10 oz. ~ $10.50
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Glycolic acid-rich organic sugar helps exfoliate, soften and reveal new skin; combined with a premium blend of oils including abyssinian oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and sunflower oil to moisturize, rosemary leaf extract and a refreshing blend of essential oils.

This formula is not over-oily as so many are, within just minutes these light oils are absorbed into the skin.

Rinse and towel off to feel pampered with skin as soft as a baby!

LEMON SORBET Contains Lemon, blood orange, lavender, & palmarosa which pairs very well with any soap, but particularly the Coconut Lemon Kiss.
CUCUMBER Pairs with our lovely Cucumber Soap which has a light lavender mint scent.
COCONUT ALMOND Pairs with our wildly popular Coconut Almond Shampoo Bar
ROSE GARDEN Match it up with any of our all natural soaps for a lovely spa-like experience!

Ingredients: Virgin coconut oil, abyssinian oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, Organic Fair Trade Coconut Sugar, Rosemary Leaf Ext, essential oils.
(not recommended for the face)


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Lady in tub

Body Scrub Info


I've redesigned (improved) this scrub formula to include a few more ingredients that I've discovered are essential for maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. I added Moroccan Rhassoul Clay to help promote skin elasticity along with gentle exfoliation. See descriptions below to understand the huge benefits of using a very good scrub.

This is a great scrub for weekly or daily use. Skin that is not routinely exfoliated tends to became lethargic, flaky, slow to renew so it loses its elasticity and vibrant sheen.

Use on your feet, hands, and body for exfoliating and renewing the skin cells. It encourages lovely, smooth skin. I've added an essential oil blend that I think is deeply intriguing; however, if you decide you love this scrub but not crazy about the scent, not a problem, let me know and I'll custom make it for you -- try to give me advanced notice please.  You'll love this scrub in the shower, bath, or at the kitchen sink!  Very good for your body! (Please don't use on delicate facial skin.)

Contains: Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea Salt, Moraccan Rhassoul Clay, Goat milk, Sea Kelp, almond oil, sunflower oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C infusion, Vitamin E, essential oils.

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay: This clay is unique in its ability to remove impurities from the skin without being drying. Rhassoul is high in calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, lithium, silica, and other trace elements and minerals; it exchanges toxins in the skin with advantageous minerals ~ just rub the scrub on, leave for a few minutes, rinse off.

Dead Sea Salt contains essential minerals that draw out toxins, stimulate circulation, relax tense, aching muscles & joints, and soften and revitalize the skin.

Himalayan Pink Salt is a fossil marine salt rich in 84 trace minerals plus calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. We need these minerals!

Goat Milk: The vitamins in goat milk attract moisture to your skin; it helps regenerate, soften, and soothe your skin’s surface; it contains a form of retinol that improves collagen density; it acts as an anti-inflammatory that sustains healthy skin tissue; contains antioxidants; contains nutrients essential to healthy skin cell development and maintenance.



ALL NATURAL BATH BOMBS in a rich, skin-loving base formula of organic avocado oil, Abyssinian oil, organic unrefined shea butter, rosemary extract, pure essential oils, citric acid, bicarb. (Some bombs contain noted extra ingredients.)
4.5 oz. (Vegan)
Note: Each bomb is individually shrink-wrapped to avoid moisture (and exploding!!) and should stay so protected until ready to use.
To use: Simply drop into your tub full of warm water to enjoy the luxurious pampering provided by rich, skin nurturing ingredients. Have fun and relax!

Nothing fancy, no sparkles or glitter to clog your drain, no wild, crazy colors to stain your tub and leave a mess to clean; just simple, fabulous ingredients harmonizing in a little mysterious cosmic ball to enhance your day and pamper that dry skin 💟.

~ $5.00


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In addition to the luxurious base ingredients, this bath bomb also includes beet root powder, spirulina powder, ginger and lime essential oils and aloe vera to provide extra skin softening properties, and a very nice, comforting bathing experience. I can see this as a favorite with the guys too.

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Eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, and frankincense essential oils for opening the sinuses! Every little bit helps when it comes to feeling better!

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You'll love this combination of skin nurturing ingredients that include goat milk with lavender and lemongrass essential oils; a refreshing combination with skin soothing properties.

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Lavender is the ultimate for calming and soothing, but did you know it is also known to be analgesic (x-pain), antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, decongestant, fungicidal? And if you have a sunburn or minor burns, be sure to soak in lavender. Adds a very nice component to your bedtime routine. Yes, you can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil to this lovely warm bath.

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This is a combination of lovely lemon and lemongrass essential oils in the base formula which includes Abyssinian oil, along with lemongrass herb. It just might help relieve that fatigue!

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The decadent, earthly, addictive aroma of patchouli essential oil is the focus of this bomb. This one grows on you and soon you begin dreaming about taking a long bath! Includes kaolin clay and annato powder.

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A soothing combination of colloidal oats, goat milk, and a dash of honey to bring it all together! A natural yummy scent.

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ORANGE CEDAR (plus rosehips)

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This is a happy combination of lemongrass, sage, orange, petitgrain and cedarwood with rosehip seed powder (Vit C) & Annatto (a natural plant extract for coloring).

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Drop this in the tub and get ready to be refreshed!! With spirulina powder, rosemary extract, essential oils of peppermint, tea tree, cajeput.

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Always a creamy experience with sweet almond oil, coconut oil, Abyssinian oil and our proprietary blend of Rose oils. Rose Garden makes me happy!



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Regular Size
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Travel Size
$3.25 ~ Add to Cart

Dear Simone, I love the Odor Bye deodorant. I was a bit skeptical about how well it would work, but it has such a nice smell and is so gentle and I couldn't believe it lasted through the day. I like to sprinkle a bit of the Rose Powder over top, just keeps me feeling fresh and cool. I have noticed the more I use your natural products the less I can tolerate the stuff I used to buy (Dove, Dial Soap, etc.) I can't stand the smell of that stuff now. Sincerely, Laurie June 29

Deodorant FAQ

All-natural herbal deodorant with essential oils

Formulated with unique deodorizing botanicals, plus the soothing and moisturizing benefits of Cocoa and Shea Butter, Tea Tree, cypress and lavender essential oils for extra protection, and natural antioxidants for a truly effective deodorant that's gentle enough for everyday use!

For best results: 
Apply after bathing with a natural deodorant soap like Odor Bye soap.   
The Odor-Bye will control odor, and natural Odor-Bye powder will control perspiration.   
Use with confidence.
Become an active consumer, learn about the products you are buying and spread the word!

Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Veg Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Vit E, Grapeseed Extract, Rosemary Extract, Essential oils of lavender, tea tree, cypress.

Dear Simone,  I had to stop and write and let you know how much I love the products!  And I know this probably sounds crazy, but I like the Odorbye deodorant the best, well, ok, that's a stretch but really, I am crazy about it.  I've been using a different brand every time I find one and just haven't been able to find one I like in years!  Yours smells so good after it's been on for a while and it actually works!  I'm just thrilled.  I try very hard not to use anything with aluminum in it (my aunt has Altzheimer's) and definitely do not use any shampoos with SLS, so when I found your shampoo bars and discovered how much better my hair looks and feels with them, well I just had to write.  I'm so glad I discovered your products, I had been searching for you for a long time and I'm so glad I finally found you.  Oh, also the Eye Cream is excellent.  Thanks again  Evelyn in South Carolina



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 $26.50  Add to Cart

Odor Bye deodorant, Odor Bye soap, Odor Bye Powder

Yes!  You can maintain your coolness in this summer heat!

Three easy steps:

Odor Bye soap deodorizes naturally
Odor Bye Deodorant neutralizes odors
Odor Bye Powder absorbs sweat ....

all natural products with no talc or aluminum!



are milk, bath salts, honey, or Sulfated Castor Oil.

Castor Oil, Sulfated

4 oz. ~ $  5.75
8 oz. ~ $8.00 
16 oz. ~ $14.00 


This is the only carrier oil that is water soluble, i.e. it will mix with water. This is the oil you want to use with your essential oils in the bath. Add equal amounts of sulfated castor oil (or as much as you like) and your essential oils to a small bottle, shake well, add to bath. This is the only oil that will completely disperse in water and not leave an oily ring around the tub. Let me know if you need a small working bottle along with your big bottle.




To complete your therapeutic bathing experience, add the essential oils to a full tub of warm water.  Don't add the oils while the tub is filing as they will evaporate too quickly.

Each bottle contains 5 ml. of pure essential oils

Add 8 drops to the full bath and swirl

Inhale the vapors and relax!

 5 ml ~ $7.50

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A daily soak will ease the pain of arthritis.  Add Dead Sea mineral salts to promote wellness.  This synergy contains juniper, helichrysum, chamomile, ginger, and others.
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Bergamot, clary sage, cypress, lavender, mandarin, marjoram, valerian, vetiver
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Due to its ability to remove waste products and promote circulation, coriander EO helps with cellulite and the buildup of fluid in the tissues.  Coriander, cypress & rosemary
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Eases congestion, helps to ease flu aches and pains, and remove toxins.  Eucalyptus, juniper, pine, basil, rosewood, ginger, niaouli, bay laurel

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Helps draw out toxins.  Stimulates circulation and relieves body aches.  Rosemary, juniper, eucalyptus, fennel, grapefruit, lemon, siberian fir, cypress

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Relax in you warm bath to relieve tension, inhale the specific essences that will target your headache pain.  Lavender, peppermint, oregano, coriander, angelica root, ainseseed, pink grapefruit, lemongrass, basil

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Read more about Menopause/Hot Flash products
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Lavender, marjoram, chamomile, neroli, rose, sandalwood, vetiver


Add to Cart
Helps relax tense muscles from sports, fatigue, arthritis and rheumatism.  Peppermint, black pepper, coriander, rosemary, juniper & ginger


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Stimulating to restore energy.  Refreshes fatigued, aching muscles.  Promotes energy and concentration.  Anti-bacterial to fight viruses.  Peppermint, tea tree


Add to Cart
Softens skin an helps relieve irritation & itching.  Aids psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, sunburn, rash.  Lavender, peppermint, helichrysum, myrtle, Chamomile, Cajeput, Ylang, Sweet orange


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Provides deep relaxation, brings about peaceful sleep.  Restores a sense of well-being and relieves tension.  Lavender, bergamot, tangerine, ylang, neroli, cedarwood

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Helps relax muscle, ease aches and pains, relieve tension.  Ylang, geranium, sandalwood, clary sage, lavender




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5 oz. jar ~ $5.50 

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 sea_salt_refill.jpg (12257 bytes)

 16 oz. refill ~ $15.50

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DEAD SEA BATH SALTS - therapeutic grade

Dead Sea salts contain essential minerals that draw out toxins, stimulate circulation, relax tense, aching muscles & joints, and soften and revitalize the skin while providing deep relaxation and restfulness. An added benefit is the luxurious, soft, silky feel of the water - you will notice this especially if you have hard water. Add Milk Bath and/or Bath EOs if desired.

Dead Sea Salts are from the Dead Sea which is much higher in minerals than any other sea water. These rich minerals are unique in character and famous for their healing and therapeutic properties, minerals which assist in cleansing, detoxifying and restoring a healthy status quo to the body, especially the skin and muscles.

Includes: Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, sea salt, epsom salt, sodium bicarbonate. Sea Shell scoop included. Safe for whirlpools and spas.  (Avoid using a scented bath salt blend. Many companies add formaldehyde to hold fragrance or scents longer, which can irritate the skin and cause skin disorders to actually get worse. Essential oils should always be added separately after the tub is filled, otherwise they just evaporate into the air along with the steam from the hot running water.)

About our bath salt ingredients:

Dead Sea Salt: We use Bokek® Premium, unrefined, pure solar evaporated salts from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel, where the mineral content is the highest. The only Optically Clean® Dead Sea salt available. Kosher cert.

Himalayan Pink Salt: We use 100% natural, (gourmet quality) hand mined salt from deep within ancient sea salt deposits in the pristine Himalayan Mountains. HP salt is a fossil marine salt rich in 84 trace minerals plus calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. Kosher cert.

Sea Salt: We use a pure (gourmet quality) sea salt from Brazil that is solar evaporated ocean water with no additives of any kind. Kosher cert.

Epsom Salt: We use the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt available. Kosher cert.
All salts used are chemically-free processed.

More Info on Dead Sea Salts

"The way to health is to have an aromatic bath
and scented massage every day"